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Matthew Williamson

Library: Matthew Williamson

Senior Research Scientist, Sana Security

Justin Balthrop, Stephanie Forrest, M. Newman, Matthew Williamson «Technological Networks and the Spread of Computer Viruses»[Abstract] 13.82Kb 11531 hits
Jamie Twycross, Matthew Williamson «Implementing and testing a virus throttle»[Abstract] 40.54Kb 12477 hits

Matthew Williamson received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1999. After finishing his PhD he worked for Hewlett Packard Labs in Bristol UK conducting research on various aspects of computer security, with most work on an anti-virus technique called virus throttling. Williamson recently left his position with HP to explore new opportunities in research development with regard to security. He is currently an advisory board member for the Adaptive Profiling Forum and contributes insight and research to the development and adoption of self-learning, autonomous applications that will change the way technology is employed across many industries and disciplines.

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