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Harold Thimbleby

Library: Harold Thimbleby

Peter Ladkin, Harold Thimbleby «Comments on a paper by Voas, Payne & Cohen: “A model for detecting the existence of software corruption in real time”» [TeX][Abstract] 14.49Kb 10504 hits
«Can Viruses Ever Be Useful?»[Abstract] 13.87Kb 6170 hits
«An organisational solution to piracy and viruses»[Abstract] 39.15Kb 11322 hits
Harold Thimbleby, Stuart Anderson, Paul Cairns «A framework for modelling trojans and computer virus infection»[Abstract] 93.57Kb 14162 hits
Harold Thimbleby, Stuart Anderson, Paul Cairns «Reply to `Comment on "A Framework for Modelling Trojans and Computer Virus Infection"' by E. Mäkinen»[Abstract] 11.41Kb 11389 hits
Harold Thimbleby, Ian Witten, David Pullinger «Concepts of cooperation in artificial life» [TeX][Abstract] 41.9Kb 12323 hits
Ian Witten, Harold Thimbleby «The worm that turned: A social use of computer viruses»[Abstract] 29.76Kb 12389 hits

Harold published his first paper, on menu selection, in 1978, and has since written nearly 400 publications - of which nearly 200 were invited - from newspaper articles to articles in Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as many refereed research publications. He wrote User Interface Design, published in the ACM Press Frontier Series in 1990.

Press On book cover His fifth book, Press On, was published by MIT Press in November 2007.

He was a Royal Society-Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder. He was 28th Gresham Professor of Geometry. He was awarded the British Computer Society Wilkes Medal, and won a Toshiba Year of Invention prize. He is a visiting professor at UCL and at Middlesex University.

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