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Tony Sampson

Library: Tony Sampson

«Dr Aycock's Bad Idea: Is the Good Use of Computer Viruses Still a Bad Idea?»[Abstract] 13.32Kb 14486 hits
«Senders, Receivers and Deceivers: How Liar Codes Put Noise Back on the Diagram of Transmission»[Abstract] 13.21Kb 12417 hits
«A Virus in Info-Space: the open network and its enemies» 13.97Kb 10869 hits
Tony Sampson, Jussi Parikka «The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn and Other Anomalies From the Dark Side of Digital Culture»[Abstract] 855.82Kb 24133 hits

Dr. Tony D Sampson is a London-based academic and writer. He lectures on digital and network culture at UEL where he also leads the multimedia design technology and interactive media design degree programmes.

Tony received his Ph.D from the Department of Sociology at the University of Essex. His research interests include assemblage and contagion theory, non-representation and developing methods in non-cognitive HCI.

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