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Library: GriYo

«EPO: Entry-Point Obscuring»[Abstract] 16.43Kb 18111 hits
«Execution redirection thru ‘Image File Execution Options’ key» [SRC][Abstract] 8.62Kb 12885 hits
«EXPLORER in-memory infection» [SRC][Abstract] 25.46Kb 14373 hits
«Snorting coke (and packets)» [SRC][Abstract] 6.34Kb 6239 hits
«Virus oriented VxD writing tutorial»[Abstract] 20.75Kb 13116 hits
«The VxDCall backdoor»[Abstract] 25.09Kb 13775 hits
«Win2K infection»[Abstract] 8.66Kb 12569 hits
«Win32 Viral Networking Overwiew» [SRC][Abstract] 26Kb 11642 hits
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