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Sarah Gordon

Library: Sarah Gordon

David Chess, Sarah Gordon «Where There's Smoke, There's Mirrors: The Truth about Trojan Horses on the Internet»[Abstract] 80.65Kb 15081 hits
«The Anti-Virus Strategy System»[Abstract] 33.44Kb 11649 hits
«Are Good Virus Simulators Still a Bad Idea?»[Abstract] 28.59Kb 13924 hits
«The Generic Virus Writer»[Abstract] 49.7Kb 14813 hits
«The Generic Virus Writer II»[Abstract] 44.2Kb 9113 hits
«Inside the Mind of Dark Avenger»[Abstract] 18.59Kb 10988 hits
«Interview with Lucifer/Messiah» 33.85Kb 10225 hits
«Sheep: Fact or Fiction» 2.89Kb 10766 hits
«Technologically Enabled Crime: Shifting Paradigms for the Year 2000»[Abstract] 54.79Kb 10821 hits
«Virus Writers: The End of The Innocence?»[Abstract] 65.45Kb 14187 hits
«What is Wild?»[Abstract] 52.32Kb 10227 hits
«What's in a Name?»[Abstract] 13.13Kb 9711 hits
«Why Computer Viruses Are Not And Never Were A Problem»[Abstract] 33.98Kb 11640 hits
«The worm has turned»[Abstract] 14.96Kb 6333 hits
Sarah Gordon, Richard Ford «On the definition and classification of cybercrime»[Abstract] 37.98Kb 10500 hits
Sarah Gordon, Richard Ford «When Worlds Collide: Information Sharing for the Security and Anti-virus Communities»[Abstract] 50.54Kb 9262 hits
Sarah Gordon, Howard Fraser «Antivirus Software Testing for the New Millenium»[Abstract] 42.32Kb 11468 hits
Sarah Gordon, Qingxiong Ma «Convergence of Virus Writers and Hackers: Fact or Fantasy?»[Abstract] 41.49Kb 15830 hits
Sarah Gordon, Joe Wells «Hoaxes & Hypes»[Abstract] 38.71Kb 12075 hits
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