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Sanjay Goel, Stephen Bush «Kolmogorov Complexity Estimates For Detection Of Viruses In Biologically Inspired Security Systems: A Comparison With Traditional Approaches» [TeX][Abstract] 99.08Kb 13796 hits

Sanjay Goel is an assistant professor at University at Albany in the School of Business since 2001. Prior to that he has worked for several years in various technical leadership positions at General Electric Corporate Research and Development (now known as GE Global Research Center). Sanjay received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1998 while working for GE. He also holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi and a Masters degree in the same discipline from Rutgers University. At General Electric he served as a Mechanical Engineer/Software Team Leader, where he developed software for optimization of turbomachinery configuration that was used to design a new class of turbines with improved performance. These products enabled GE to gain a competitive edge in the market. Sanjay also developed a new software tool for automating the design process for steam turbines airfoils that increased designer productivity by five fold. Sanjay has won several management, technical performance and Six Sigma awards, and has authored 19 publications. He is working actively in the area of computer security and peer-to-peer computing. Some of his research projects include: design of computer security systems inspired by biological paradigms of Immunology and Epidemiology, development of self-healing networks based on peer-to-peer architecture, identifying images with hidden data using Information Theory, and use of Machine Learning techniques for reducing complexity of optimization problems. His teaching is focused in the area of Computer Security Networking, Database Design, Enterprise Application Development, and Java Programming. He recently received a $375,000 grant, along with other university faculty, from the Department of Education for development of security curriculum and is currently developing computer security labs in the School of Business. Professor Goel works closely with the New York State Police Computer Crime Unit investigators and the New York Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination Agency (CSCIC) in security research and education. He organizes security labs at OSC (Office of the State Comptroller) to provide SUNY students as well as New York State Police Investigators hands-on experience in network hacking and auditing tools.

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