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Eric Filiol

Library: Eric Filiol

«Applied Cryptanalysis of Cryptosystems and Computer Attacks Through Hidden Ciphertexts Computer Viruses» [TeX][Abstract] 34.27Kb 16673 hits
«Metamorphism, Formal Grammars and Undecidable Code Mutation» [TeX][Abstract] 37.47Kb 17740 hits
«Strong Cryptography Armoured Computer Viruses Forbidding Code Analysis: the BRADLEY virus» [TeX][Abstract] 32.91Kb 16209 hits
Eric Filiol, Edouard Franc, Alessandro Gubbioli, Benoit Moquet, Guillaume Roblot «Combinatorial Optimisation of Worm Propagation on an Unknown Network» [TeX] [SRC] 35.83Kb 21654 hits
Eric Filiol, Marko Helenius, Stefano Zanero «Open problems in computer virology» [TeX][Abstract] 67.91Kb 17554 hits

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