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Library: DiA

«Capture the desktop - scan .LNK files for victims» [SRC][Abstract] 24.6Kb 10111 hits
«Find Victims with FindExecutable API» [SRC][Abstract] 6.27Kb 9435 hits
«Save your fingers - get your fake names from the i-net» [SRC][Abstract] 15.03Kb 9349 hits
«Some stealth idea's» [SRC][Abstract] 7.75Kb 9984 hits
«Up to Date with the URLDownloadToFileA API» [SRC][Abstract] 11.51Kb 10103 hits
«Using the .NET runtime compiler for file infection» [SRC][Abstract] 13.98Kb 9270 hits
«Your favorites, my victims - .url infection in JavaScript» [SRC][Abstract] 7.9Kb 9160 hits
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