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Alexander Dewdney

Library: Alexander Dewdney

1941 -
«A Core War bestiary of viruses, worms and other threats to computer memories» 22.44Kb 12368 hits
«In the game called Core War hostile programs engage in a battle of bits» 22.76Kb 11400 hits
«Of worms, viruses and Core War» 21.28Kb 12031 hits
«A program called MICE nibbles its way to victory at the first Core War tournament» 16.16Kb 11014 hits

Alexander Keewatin Dewdney (born August 5, 1941 in London, Ontario) is a Muslim Canadian mathematician, computer scientist and philosopher who has written a number of books on the future and implications of modern computing. He has also written one work of fiction, The Planiverse. Dewdney lives in London, Ontario, Canada where he holds the position of Professor Emeritus of the University of Western Ontario.

Dewdney followed Martin Gardner and Douglas Hofstadter in authoring Scientific American 's recreational mathematics column, which he renamed to "Computer Recreations", then "Mathematical Recreations", from 1984 to 1993 (with the last few appearing in Algorithm). These have been collected into 3 books. The subjects include computer viruses, Core Wars, finite automata like the game of Life, brown noise, the game of Alak, Tinkertoy and spaghetti sorting.

He has developed hypotheses which sharply disagree with the official version of the events surrounding the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

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