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I am back after more than a year on the forums.
I have  collected many questions and other posts about malware (example: how was malware “cleaned” for the Virus Museum exhibition?), that I planned to post here, since my abscence.
For many years, I have been passionate about experimenting with malware and virtual machines. Some of my tests/games are:

  • The malware race: find as much internet malware as possible. Hunt for malware until
    Malware party: execute as much malware as possible.
    VM roulette: delete as many local files until system failure.
    VM ressource starvation:  Insufficient RAM, write-protected HDD, unexpected shutdowns.
    Other scenarios.

I also have created a Gist on GitHub (link will be added), where I collect the links and search terms to everything related to malware.

I highly appreciate the work that the VxHeaven admin, herm1t, put into the ultimate 2010 malware collection, and the proposed next generation. But there are a few virusses, including some that were demonstrated in videos of malware channels on YouTube, that may be probably not yet included into the package.

One example is the viewer-made malware playlist from the YouTube malware veteran danooct1 (Daniel White): … ww5H8aJvAl

Additionally, some malware has different variants, a revision history, a source code, and maybe a few other attachments.
Furthermore, MemZ has some dismissed pull requests on GitHub.

I suggest including all of them into that giant package, so that more guests can be invited to the ultimate malware party.
I consider it as useful, and compressable: if the revisions and variants share code, they will not add much size to the archive file.

Hopefully, my suggestion is considerably useful, and will enhance the malware enjoyment experience.
I appreciate the malware community for your good work. All the best.

Twitter: @LordGalaxy7 #VMparty #MalwareMayhem #vMayhem #MalParty #VirtualBox #MalBox #MalRace #Malhem

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