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Site history (2013, 2014, 2015)

December 2014

12 + DL/MAG: DarK CodeZ magazine #6[GO]

November 2014

29 + LIB/EN: Peter Kálnai "Linux Trojan “Hand of Thief” ungloved"[GO]
29 + LIB/EN: Ryan O'Neill "An unofficial analysis of the Retaliation Virus (Authored by JPanic)"[GO]
28 + LIB/EN: A. Kovalev, K. Otrashkevich, E. Sidorov "Mayhem - a hidden threat for *nix web servers"[GO]
28 + LIB/EN: A. Kovalev, K. Otrashkevich, E. Sidorov, A. Rassokhin "Effusion - a new sophisticated injector for Nginx web servers"[GO]

August 2014

19 + LIB/EN: Jan Hruska "The Future of Computer Viruses"[GO]

July 2014

29 + DL/SRC: CAPZLOQ TEKNIQ v2.0 by JPanic[GO]
28 + LIB/EN: Eugene Kaspersky "Cruncher - The First Beneficial Virus?"[GO]
28 + LIB/EN: Tim Sankary "Developing virus identification products"[GO]
28 + LIB/EN: Alan Solomon "Epidemiology and computer viruses"[GO]
23 + LIB/EN: Scott Dewing "Virus Writers: Who Writes This Stuff Anyway?"[GO]
23 + LIB/EN: Markus Salo "Dark Side of the Moon: What Motivates Virus Writers"[GO]

January 2014

3  + LIB/EN: R3s1stanc3 "Combining a mailworm with GPG"[GO]
3  + LIB/EN: hh86 "GPU powered file infector"[GO]
3  + LIB/EN: hh86 "Using CUDA PTX for decryption"[GO]
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